Video shows dog and fawn playing together in West Chester yard

In one of the cutest videos you may see today, a Chester County dog made friends with a young deer.

The dog is named Sally and lives in West Chester with her family.

Sally’s owner, Stephanie Capodanno, says that they have had many deer in their yard but have never had a fawn get that close. They had originally planned to bring Sally out to go to the bathroom but this brave little fawn decided to make a new friend instead.

Sally and her new friend played together for a few minutes and Stephanie was able to capture the moment on video. Sally and the fawn can be seen circling each other with tails wagging with excitement.

The baby ran off after a little while into the small patch of woods behind the family’s house. Capodanno says they never saw the fawn's mother, but suspect she was watching from the safety of the treeline.

The family says that Sally has been looking for her new friend to come back and play ever since.


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