Video shows student's heroism during 2014 campus shooting

Newly released surveillance video footage from the 2014 Seattle Pacific University shooting showed a heroic act by a fellow student as he disarmed the gunman, and saved the lives of many.

According to Q13 News, the King County Prosecutor's Office released the surveillance footage from the shooting under court order on Tuesday.

The gunman, identified as Aaron Ybarra, killed one person and injured two others before heroic student, Jon Meis, bravely stepped in. It's unknown if Meis has any training or just acted instinctively, but the video clearly shows that he saved many people from danger.

As seen in the surveillance video, the gunman had already shot one student before safety monitor Meis stepped in. Meis came around the corner with pepper spray, and sprayed the gunman in the face as he was attempting to reload his gun.

After Meis sprayed him in the face with the pepper spray, Meis was able to take him down to the floor and wrestle away his shotgun. Meis ran away with the weapon, and according to police, Ybarra then began fumbling with a hunting knife.

Meis returned a few moments later, jumped on Ybarra and held him until the police came.

The school recognized Meis for his heroic act, and 28-year-old Ybarra is planning to use an insanity defense when his trial begins in September. He is charged with first-degree murder and other charges.