VIDEO: Wife Surprises Husband with Pregnancy News

Virginia (WTXF) A mother-to-be came up with a very special way to tell her husband she was pregnant after years of trying. Of course, she decided to film his reaction and the result is truly heartwarming.

According to Buzzfeed News, Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband, Arkell Graves, started to try to have a baby 17 years ago, shortly after they wed. She assumed it wouldn't be difficult, but sadly, that wasn't the case. The couple suffered many heartaches. Dana delivered one stillborn baby at six months and had four miscarriages, reports say. Buzzfeed News reports that five years ago the couple decided to leave their dream of being parents behind them and move on as a happily married couple.

That all changed recently, when Dana learned she was five months pregnant. She was overjoyed by the news and decided to plan a big surprise for her husband.

Dana put buns in the oven with the ultrasound picture next to buns. When Arkell realized what the news was his reaction was priceless.

Arkell says, "You're pregnant. You're pregnant. "You're pregnant." Then, he begins to sob.

Dana is due February 2016 and it's a boy.

See the heartwarming video above.