Vigil for innocent teen killed by stray bullet

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) It was sad scene on North Salford Street in West Philadelphia. A family surrounded by the community is in mourning as they released balloons for 18-year-old Nadje' Steedley.

"She's celebrating with us. Look. She's catching those balloons up there somewhere," said Zykia Clavon.

"She's a special person. She is in my heart. She's my angel. That's my angel. I need her and I need these two right here to remind me of my daughter," said Clavon as she held her daughter's best friends tight as they broke down in tears.

The vigil was held outside Nadje's friend's house where she was hit by a stray bullet in front of the home around 11:30 Saturday night. Police say she was an innocent bystander.

"My daughter was innocent. She wasn't the perfect child and she wasn't an angel but this time she was innocent," said Clavon.

Police believe a group of kids were arguing just down the street when someone opened fire. Nadje' was standing a half block away when she was hit in the chest. Taleah Taylor was the teen's mentor.

"She immediately became interested in what I was doing with the stop the violence, the girls basketball teams, the regular basketball teams, Islamic and non-Islamic youth groups trying to reach the kids," said Taylor.

Many who attended the vigil called for peace, love and an end to violence. Nadje's mother called for others who may know what happened to speak up.

"There's a reward out there but I could care less. I just want to know who killed my daughter," she said.

Police are still searching for the suspects.

People ask all the time how we handle stories like the one I covered tonight and not let it get to us. I can only speak...