Vigil held for man shot to death while making a pizza delivery in Overbrook

Loved ones are remembering a pizza deliveryman who was shot and killed when he made a delivery to a home under construction in Overbrook.

"One love for Bob," shouted the crowd of family, long-time friends and schoolmates who gathered in memory of 30-year-old Bobby Jenkins. They attended a vigil outside Ben Franklin High School where many of them went to school with Bobby more than a decade ago.

"I appreciate y'all all for being here and showing your love for him," said Caliel Blocker. He arrived in tears and overwhelmed by the many people who turned out to remember his brother.

"That's my youngest brother. We had a bond that was inseparable," said Blocker who calls his brother a family man, the ultimate husband, brother and son.

"I want y'all to pray for my mom. Pray for her," said Blocker.

Philadelphia police say someone shot Bobby when he went to make a delivery on Woodcrest Avenue just after 7 p.m. Tuesday night. He worked for Stacy's Pizza. The house was vacant. Rodreen Howell played football with Bobby who was a starting wide receiver and free safety for the Ben Franklin Electrons.

"Deep down inside everybody is hurting. It's a tragedy because our friend was a good guy," he said. Former classmate Tiffany Arnold organized the vigil.

"It's a lot of pain. There's a lot of grief. Bobby was a sweet person. We're going to miss him," said Arnold. Others spoke about the shock of losing such a good friend.

"I'm still right here standing in unbelief of this. We were brothers," said a former teammate.

"We all played sports and we just were connected because we knew each other in school and he's just a missing piece," said a young woman.

Blocker ended the vigil pleading for help finding his brother's killer.

"Right now I'm so hurt. I'm so hurt. My brother didn't deserve any of this at all," he said.