Viral Video Shows a NJ Police Officer Throwing a Football with a Young Boy

BURLINGTON CITY, NJ (WXTF)-- - The heartwarming video of a New Jersey police officer throwing a football with a young boy is going viral.

FOX 29's Sabina Kuriakose caught up with that officer and the young boy today.

Patrolman, Jeff Purkett, and his partner were just finishing up after responding to another call nearby. When they pulled onto the street, the officer recognized Alex from the neighborhood.

"I'm a big kid at heart. If I see anyone with a ball I usually want to get out and play with it."

The goodness of Patrolman, Jeff Purkett, is on full display in the video as he stops in the middle of his shift to toss a football with a neighborhood kid, 10-year-old, Alex Orourke.

"He got out of his car and put his hands up like he wanted the football and I threw it to him and we started having a catch," Alex said.

Alex and his little brother, Dominic, passed the ball around with the police officer. Their surprised parents recorded the exchange from their porch.

"I see the smile on his face he started having fun he started going out for passes I said I got some time I could do this," Purkett said.

Officer Purkett wasn't expecting all the attention, but his colleagues are glad his good deed got noticed.

"That's Jeff. Jeff is a very strong family man," said his colleague, Lt. John Fine.

The Orourkes say the experience will long stay with their sons.

"We watch the news and they hear what's going on. And all that's all over is what the cops are doing bad to people. That's not always the case. It's not. And I believe my kids know if they were in trouble they could go to a police officer."

Officer Purkett was more than touched by the public's response. "Did I make that big of an impact on that little child? It blessed my heart to hear that," he said.