Waitress's kind gesture is taking the internet by storm

In Hamilton, New Jersey, one waitress's kind gesture has made ripples throughout the state on social media.

Rick and Annette Lewallen don't go out to dinner often, especially lately as the bills for Rick's cancer treatment has increased.

Rick has been battling throat cancer, and later on found out more bad news.

"Rick was diagnosed with brain cancer in April," Annette stated.

But one night they decided to treat themselves and to just get out of the house. They chose to go to Brothers Pizzeria.

They didn't order much, just a salad and a slice of pizza.

When the bill came, it was already paid for and included a handwritten note by their waitress, 17-year-old Daniela Bossi.

"For putting up the biggest fight, this one is on me, with great love,'' Bossi wrote on the bill.

"We just thought it was a very powerful message for us in our current situation, and she was certainly aware of it but she took it upon herself to reach out in a very quiet way just to say I'll take care of it," Rick said.

Bossi is actually a long-time family friend. Her sister is good friends with the couple's daughter.

"They do so much for my family I might as well just do this one on me," Bossi explained.

The owner of Brothers Pizza, Pasquale Carannante, mentioned who Bossi is at work and as an individual, "Only known her for about a few months, but she is a very welcoming person and friendly and good family, great background."

"If we could pay it forward, if everybody did that it would be wonderful, it does go a long way," the couple said.

Bossi paid the bill in its entirety from her own tips. But after Bossi's boss found out what she did, he reimbursed her.