Wanted man comments on Facebook post announcing warrant for his own arrest

(WTXF/STORYFUL) -- A wanted man seemingly gave himself up to police in Victoria, Australia - and it all went down on Facebook.

Victoria Police issued an arrest warrant on July 6 for Daniel Damon.

The warrant was in relation to "traffic and drug matters."

In addition to the warrant, they posted a photo of Damon on their Facebook page, asking for more information.

And that very same post caught the eye of none other than Daniel Damon himself.

He commented on the Facebook post, "Can you use a better photo tho [sic]. This is a horrible mugshot."

The Victoria Police then replied, "Hi Daniel, please visit your nearest police station and we'll arrange for a new photo to be taken!"

In addition to those remarks, Damon also made others on the post, replying to others commenting on it.