WATCH: FHP video shows dump truck falling 100 feet

A Florida sanitation worker is alive after an epic crash that sent his dump truck careening off a major highway, and plummeting 100 feet into a park below.

The Florida Highway Patrol says it happened back on February 15, but they just released new video showing the inside view of the crash Monday.

According to troopers, Miami garbage truck driver Kaseem Smith can be seen in the video as he's driving southbound on I-95, when suddenly he loses control of the truck, and begins to swerve.

The footage continues as he then hits a guardrail and flies off the interstate ramp, sending debris and shrapnel flying.

Troopers say Smith was thrown from the crumpled cab as it crashed near the entrance of the public park below.

"In the video, you see him hitting the left guardrail twice, and then overreacting and going off I-95," explained Patrolman Joe Sanchez. "It's a miracle that he survived."

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Emergency rescue crews rushed him to the hospital, where he was listed in serious condition. No one else was hurt in the accident.

"I thought my brother was gone. I was like, 'He's dead. Can't nobody survive that. He's dead', said Smith's sister. "I honestly thought he was dead. I just kept calling and his fiance called me and told me- she said, 'Kaseem is still alive. He was still breathing on the ground.'"

Florida Highway Patrol investigators are still working to determine why the experienced driver lost control of his truck.