WATCH: Man Allegedly Tries to Abduct Toddler Inside Walmart

PERRY, UT- Holiday shoppers in Utah are on edge after a man allegedly tried to kidnap a child in a Walmart on Wednesday.

Surveillance video from a Perry, Utah Walmart shows the man trying to snatch a shopping cart holding a 3-year-old.

That's when a 14-year-old grabbed on to the cart and got her grandmother's attention.

The grandmother has a short conversation with the man before they go separate ways.

The woman didn't see the man try to grab the cart, and didn't call the police until she got home and her granddaughter fully explained what happened.

Authorities say the man was inside the store for about four hours leading up to the incident but the surveillance video doesn't show him engaging in any other suspicious activity.

The suspect turned himself in, and was questioned and released.

The man could face charges as the incident is still under investigation.