WATCH: Tripp Halstead Speaks

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - (WAGA) This past week marked three years since Tripp Halstead was injured by a branch that fell on him while he played outside at a daycare in Gwinnett County.

His mother Stacy hasn't given up on him since that day. She has done everything she could to help him get to the point where he is today. And if her post on Facebook on Monday is any indication, he has come a long way.

Stacy posted that Tripp is speaking one-syllable words for the first time since the accident.

She told FOX 5 News that she is very thankful for all the love, prayers, and support the community has given her throughout the years and believes this is just the beginning.

Stacy told FOX 5 News he spoke when she asked him if he wanted to watch TV. She said he had just come home from school and he said "on" to having the TV on.

Stacy's very exciting morning post; Ahhhhhhhhhhh you know yesterday we thought Tripp said "out" while he was crying in the stander. Well today he is a happy camper and I swear he said "on" for the TV. I caught it twice on video but I was trying to edit and got rid of the second time he did it. Errrrr! At least I caught it once!! I literally cried and kissed his face off the first time he did it. So happy!!!!!!

She showed FOX 5 News a hyperbaric chamber which she believes has helped her son tremendously. She and her husband take turns holding Tripp in the chamber of concentrated oxygen every day for an hour. She said the chamber is borrowed, but the family she said expects to buy him one in the future.

She admits not knowing whether 'anyone was inside'. But she said Tripp is now very aware of his surroundings and expresses himself with joy, laughter and frustration. She said he was a bright intelligent boy before being injured and believes that little "chatter box" is trying to find his way out.

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