‘We know the Philly vibe’: Family of Astros player from West Chester talks World Series excitement

The Phillies return to Philadelphia for World Series Game 3 and for one West Chester family, it’s a homecoming. The four McCormick boys grew up wearing Phillies red and, now, outfielder Chas McCormick is with the Astros.

His parents, Nancy and Bob, say they’re relishing this surreal moment.

"It’s mind-blowing, you know?" mom Nancy stated.

"The home runs were icing on the cake. That was beautiful," said dad, Bob McCormick.


The family says game one of the World Series was gut-wrenching and they use the keyword prickly to describe their nerves.

"The way Rob Thompson managed that bull pen and kind of gave a chance and came back and JT’s home run in the 10th – you know I’m talking like a fan, just because we live there, we’re rooting for them," older brother, Ryan, said.

Ryan added their grandfather had box seats at Veteran’s Stadium. Now, come Monday, the family will cheer for Chas at Citizens Bank Park.

"We already know the Philly vibe and the electricity in that place and then to have him out there in the middle of it…you know, he gets it. But, it’s gonna be something cool to see," Ryan explained.

"The highlight, whether we win or lose, is if he does something really cool there at Citizens Bank Park, that we have some people really cheering for him, because they know him," Nancy added.

Bob says the pressure keeps his son humble and family is there to support him and celebrate, like the priceless moment after the Astros clinched the ALCS. "From the day he was drafted, I cried. Then through the minor leagues and every home run, every milestone, I just get choked up. And, here we are, at the pinnacle of the sport, I’m choked up, once again," Bob said.

"If it doesn’t go our way, what better way than the Phillies to win? I mean, you know, pretty cool," Nancy remarked.