Weather Authority: Sun stays Monday as midweek spike set to reach beyond 80 degrees

The sun is bringing some much-needed brightness to your Monday morning this week!

Weather is set to be pleasant for most of the day with temperatures in the high 70s. FOX 29's Drew Anderson says some passing showers could bring a sprinkle this afternoon, but it will be over before you know it!

Temperatures dip to a high of 74 on Tuesday before a midweek spike brings them back up to 82 degrees on Wednesday - the warmest day of the week.

Planning ahead for Memorial Day weekend, expect a few clouds speckled across partly sunny skies with high in the mid 70s.



MONDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 78, Low: 56

TUESDAY: Partly sunny. High: 74, Low: 57

WEDNESDAY: Pleasant, warm. High: 82, Low: 54

THURSDAY: Windy, cooler. High: 72, Low: 50

FRIDAY: Partly sunny. High: 72, Low: 55

SATURDAY: Clouds increase. High: 76, Low: 54

SUNDAY: Cloudier skies. High: 74, Low: 56