Welcome Whizzy! Geno’s Steaks introduces Philly’s newest mascot

Meet Whizzy! He’s Philadelphia’s newest mascot who will be getting “Whizzy with it” at Geno’s Steaks.

Geno’s Steaks, one of Philadelphia’s staple cheesesteak joints, introduced Whizzy on Monday, Oct. 21.

The mascot, which is a cheesesteak with the company’s logo, will be present at community and charity events.

Credit: Geno's Steaks

It took eight months to create Whizzy’s look and personality, officials said.

Whizzy is all about positivity and giving back. The mascot is the first-ever one for Geno’s.

Geno Vento, the owner of Geno’s Steaks, and Whizzy stopped by FOX 29’s studio’s Monday morning and met with the entire Good Day Philadelphia crew.

Credit: Geno's Steaks

“He’s really cute!” FOX 29’s Alex Holley said. “I’m really surprised that Philly hasn’t had a cheesesteak mascot until now.”

Whizzy memorabilia will be available at community events alongside cheesesteaks.