West Windsor Police investigate attempted lurings

Police say they are investigating two attempted lurings of boys in South Jersey. In each case, the child knew to run away.

Lukas Partridge was throwing the football around the front yard with his son Wednesday evening, just a few doors down from the scene of an attempted luring Tuesday night that targeted his neighbor's son.

"It's very concerning. I have three children; teenage to young kids. It's probably a good idea for us to make the kids aware of just what it is when you see someone who doesn't belong in the neighborhood," he told FOX 29.

The incident has Partridge's West Windsor neighborhood on high alert. Parents are keeping a close eye out and warning their children to be careful.

Police say the incidents occurred several days apart. The first happened, police say, on Friday afternoon near Old Trenton Road and Emily Court. According to police, a young boy said a man in a black leather jacket with zippers on the sleeves approached him .

Authorities say the second incident near Monterey and Benford Streets happened Tuesday evening between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.. The suspect was described as a white male wearing a black poncho with the hood pulled up. in both cases, the boys got away from the stranger unharmed and told their parents, according to investigatoors.

Police stepped up patrols in neighborhoods and around schools in the area. Investigators say the two victims, between the ages of 10-12, don't know each other. Parents are hoping for a quick arrest.