Why are items on your grocery list missing from stores?

Deliveries not making it to stores means less on the shelves. So what is happening? 

"Your toilet paper, your bathroom tissue. That's hard to get," said Sabrina Black. I wanted to see what is in stores. So, I took a list of random items that my co-workers say they've been unable to find, and I went to three stores. One in the northeast I checked off everything on the list. Milk, toilet paper, cream cheese, heavy cream, and cereal bars. 

But not every popular brand was there. 

"I’m a brand man (So if they don't have your brand?) I'm not buying it," said Darrell Reed out shopping with his two children Heaven and Darrell Jr. at another grocery store in Bensalem. 

"It's been hard. They're short on juice and snacks," said Reed. Again, we found everything on our list minus certain brands. 

FOX 29 also noticed signs about out-of-stock items and stating the store is working hard with suppliers to replenish quickly and another sign limiting the number of household stuff you can buy. 

"I've been noticing it for about two weeks now," said Sataya Gordon. It was a similar situation at the third store we walked through. 

"Milk is definitely one of the things. We drink Lactaid milk and we have not been able to find that at all," said Gordon. She’s come up short too on her list recently. 

"It said limit 3 per family or 2 per family," she said. "There are no waters at all. A couple cases of Deer Park but that's it," she added. 

Worker shortages and backlogs on port containers are all contributing factors. Add to that, you're paying more for less. 

"I think prices are going up. Definitely," said Reed. 



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