Why is Jersey Shore water so crystal clear lately?

Are we down the shore or vacationing in the Caribbean? New Jersey beaches could have us fooled this summer.

The water at the Jersey Shore is looking rather different these days - it's clear, and even a little more blue!

FOX 29's drone captured beachgoers enjoying the crystal blue water in Ocean City this weekend.

So, why is it clearer than usual? It's all thanks to clean-up efforts, drought conditions and some microscopic sea creatures.

"We have a bloom of phytoplankton," said Dr. Laura Guertin, professor of Earth Sciences at Penn State.


Guertin says the phenomenon can happen multiple times a year for several years.

Strong winds helped cause the latest resurgence, pushing water offshore, and bringing clear water up from the bottom of the ocean.

However, Guertin says ongoing clean-up efforts are also making a huge difference in the appearance of shore waters.

"We have done a phenomenal job at the Jersey Shore with our environmental efforts," Guertin said.

This weekend's rainfall may have brought a bit of murkiness back to the shore, but more crystal clear days could be on the way!