Oops! Misspelling spotted on I-95 sign in Philadelphia

Someone grab the spellcheck - a glaring grammar mishap is causing quite a stir in Philadelphia!

I-95 drivers have spotted a misspelling on a sign above the city's Holmesburg neighborhood.

It reads "Cenrtal Phila" instead of "Central Phila," swapping the "R" and "T."


The misspelled sign was visible on Cottman Avenue at State Road near the recently repaired section of I-95, but has since been covered.

PennDOT says the sign was created by a contractor, and corrected one will be up this week:

"We are aware of the misspelled sign at the new Cottman ramp at I-95 and have taken immediate action to address it. The sign has been covered, the misspelled word will be corrected tonight, and a corrected sign will be installed this week. All costs for correcting this error will be covered by the contractor."