Frustrated flyers wait overnight for luggage at PHL - some for 24 hours!

Travel nightmare in Philadelphia as frustrated travelers have been left stranded for hours without their personal belongings after several flights were delayed, or even canceled over the weekend.

Baggage claim at Philadelphia International Airport was filled with empty carousels and piles of abandoned bags early Monday morning.

Whether they were coming home, leaving for vacation, or even just passing through, people are lining up for one thing - their luggage.

And some of them have been waiting close to 24 hours!


FOX 29 caught up with some passengers as they waited for answers with no airline staff on duty overnight.

"I'm ready to go home. My kids are waiting in the car," one woman said 14 hours after her flight was canceled.

Another woman said she had been waiting since 1 a.m. for any kind of movement.

If she doesn't get some answers soon, she says she could miss her cruise and be out over $6,000!

A beep from one carousel around 6 a.m. gave travelers some hope, but there has yet to be any communication from the airport or airlines about the issue.