Wild Turkeys Roaming the Streets of New Jersey

CINNAMINSON, NJ (WTXF) Rafters or groups of wild turkeys are strolling the streets of New Jersey and rustling the feathers of some of the locals.

"They're everywhere, mostly in my yard. I have a creek and they like the water," Carol Ingram, a Cinnaminson, NJ resident says.

Ingram claims she's seen up to 28 birds together at a time.

"They are all over my yard and they make a big mess,' she told FOX 29.

If you are up early, you'll see even more turkeys trotting around.

"There's probably an honest 60 that walk around and cruise around the neighborhood," Ingram says.

Another New Jersey resident Dave Simcoe and his wife snapped a picture of a ton of turkeys hanging out in the trees, and they are definitely making themselves at home.

"I don't mind it but, you know, droppings and stuff annoy people," Simcoe says.

But another local Laura Binkley says they've kind of become neighborhood entertainment.

"You just look over and they'll be there. Just hanging out, chasing each other around," Binkley says. "Just took my son for a walk and we saw them twice a block from here, about 24 of them."

The wild turkeys have also appeared in Riverton and Palmyra as well.

Officials in Palmyra say they plan to try to trap the turkeys next month and then return them to the wild, but many residents expect they'll come right back.