Wilmington farm gives former inmates second chance at life

A farm in Wilmington, Delaware, is giving former inmates a second chance at life.

This time last year, 64-year-old Andre Johnson was in a Delaware state prison finishing up a 27-year sentence for theft and burglary. He's now a farmer.

“I'm a proud farmer and I’m doing something positive for the first time and I’m gainfully employed," he told FOX 29.

Johnson is one of 10 former prison inmates, who are now paid employees, growing fresh herbs and all kinds of vegetables inside the converted warehouse of Second Chances Farm. It's the first vertical commercial hydroponic farm in Delaware. There’s only one requirement to work here, you have to be a former felon. Kala Siano spent four years in prison for robbery, but now she has a full-time job with medical benefits. 

Founder Ajit George says the Second Chances Farm not only provides jobs to those who need it most but fresh chemical-free healthy food to inner-city food deserts. They’ve already signed deals to supply local restaurants and supermarkets. 

"We provide locally grown food 365 days a year without concern for weather and most importantly we do it without pesticides or herbicides," George said.

After spending a year there, employees get help starting their own business. For them, it truly is a second chance.


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