Woman Asks Thieves to Return Wedding Ring, Keep Cash

CEDAR PARK, TX (FOX 7)- A car theft in Cedar Park is especially heartbreaking for the owner, who says her wedding ring was stolen from inside her car.

Brandi Wenz is hoping to get the ring back stolen Monday at "Brushy Creek Park." Wenz's purse, wallet, and wedding rings were all taken.

Wenz said the loss of her purse and wallet is something she can recover from, but the symbol of marriage to her husband is irreplaceable.

'They can have the credit cards, cash, you know. Have the purse, wallet, anything else in there, but if I can get my rings back," Wenz said. "That'd be the best thing. The ultimate Christmas present, if I could just have my rings back."

A photo of her ring is attached. It also has a laser registry number, which is: Gia 2167073634.

If you have any information, call Cedar Park Police at (512) 260-4600.

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