Woman attacked by dog in Chestnut Hill park

"Come on Lucky."

Long time Chestnut Hill resident Caroline King often walks her dog Lucky on a leash in Pastorius Park.

But two weeks ago, a stroll in this serene spot, on a beautiful fall day, turned to terror.

King says two dogs that were not leashed, came running over to greet her Jack Russell. She didn't think much of it, but then…

"Out of the blue a third dog comes barrels toward me."

The mother of two says the next thing she knew, the large white dog with his leash dragging behind was biting her in the arm.

"I thought it was just greeting me. I love dogs, and I like Pit bulls. It was a white Pit bull and he just immediately started biting."

King says she frantically called out to the owner to get her dog, as she tried to get away.

"I turn back around around, and he bites me right in the back and under the chin."

Somehow the woman was able to grab her dog. Bleeding and in shock, King, who lives two houses away, told the woman she'd be right back to get her information. When she returned moments later, the woman and her three dogs were gone.

"It was kind of like a hit and run, that's how I felt."

Because King did not know if the dog had been vaccinated against rabies, she had to go to the hospital and start a full cycle of rabies shots. To makes matters worse, King had just completed 7 months of chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer, her last radiation treatment just two days before.

"I had just finished. I was kind of on my wellness trip. This was going to be my first week of wellness and then I got dog bites."

Pastorius Park is NOT a designated dog park, even though many consider it an unofficial one. There are several signs that clearly state "dogs must be on leash," but most ignore the rule ad let their dogs run free.

"Yes, it is a tranquil place and people don't want to give that up, but I just keep thinking about little kids who come here and even the little dogs, it's not safe."