Woman Being Kicked Off Flight is Caught on Video

Phoenix, AZ (WTXF) A passenger on American Airlines flight 408 traveling from Phoenix to Portland on October 11 was kicked off of the flight after getting in a verbal altercation with a flight attendant, according to a video.

A YouTube video uploaded by a passenger on the flight shows the heated incident first hand.

The issue began when flight attendant, Tim, asked a female passenger to clear the aisle in order to let another passenger pass.

The passenger in the aisle claimed she didn't hear his request. Tim then yelled at her to move.

After she sat back down, the passenger informed another flight attendant about how Tim had spoken to her. She was then kicked off of the flight.

In the video, the passenger is heard crying and pleading to stay on the flight.

Fellow passengers can also be heard bashing the airline, claiming "This is the last time I fly American."

"This can't be legal," the passenger says as she gets up and leaves, and the remaining passengers begin "boo-ing" the airline.

American Airlines said in a statement that that it is looking into this incident to better understand what happened. The woman was reportedly booked on the next flight.