Woman fights back after fellow diners give her rude note about baby son

A mother says that she received a rude note about her baby son while at a restaurant from a fellow diner.

Katie Leach says in a Facebook post that she was out dining at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Nampa, Idaho with her 11-month-old son and other family members when another diner allegedly slammed a note down on their table.

Leach says the woman sat back down at her respective table "while her [sic] and her friend were chuckling."

The note said, "Thank you for ruining our dinner with your screaming kid! Sincerely, the Table behind you."

Leach then writes that she turned around and told the woman that her son was "still learning and is only a baby" to which the other woman replied, "I have kids and grandkids and let me tell you none of them ever behave like that."

Leach says she spoke with a manager at the restaurant who told the women at the other table that they "could finish their dinner but than [sic] had to leave quietly."

"To those two extremely rude, disrespectful women who think they have perfect children and grandchildren, I really hope you see your note on here and know I am speaking about you. At the Texas Roadhouse in Nampa around 6 pm," Leach wrote.

"From seeing you while waiting outside and giving me dirty looks out there to writing that note and being the lowest kind of women you could be. I hope you feel embarrassed and you learn to not judge others as horrible as you did to me tonight."