Woman heartbroken over theft of Uncle Sam lawn decoration flag

Berlin Township police are asking for the public's help in an attempt to recover an Uncle Sam lawn decoration flag holder.

Dorothy Shoemaker was heartbroken when she got home from the town's 4th of July parade in Berlin Township and found something was gone. Stolen: a handmade, wooden 5-foot tall Uncle Sam flag holder and an American flag seen in pictures. Both swiped on the 4th of July right off her front yard. From the home she was born in and has lived for the last 82 years.

"It's a personal thing when someone takes something that belongs to you so yea I was surprised and disappointed," she told FOX 29.

Since it was made by hand the wooden Uncle Sam doesn't have much monetary value. It's what it meant to her in her heart that stings the most.

"My brother-in-law carved it out of wood and he had painted it and gave it to me as a present," she explained. "He's been gone now-- 7 years he passed away. It was something very personal."

It sat outside her home for 20 years. Dorothy thinks someone with a truck may have taken Uncle Sam. She just doesn't know why. She's hoping someone out there has a change of heart and brings back Sam.

If anyone knows its whereabouts or sees him please call Det Pumphrey or any Berlin Township Officer at 856-767-5878 or 857-783-4900 Thank You