Woman critically injured by fallen branch in backyard of Philadelphia home, police say

A Philadelphia woman is fighting for her life after police say she was struck by a fallen tree branch while in her backyard on Monday. 

The 49-year-old woman was taken from her home on the 6600 block of Lincoln Drive to Albert Einstein Medical Center just after 11 a.m.

Police did not disclose what injuries the woman sustained from being hit with the branch. 

It's unknown what caused the branch to fall. Neighbors who spoke to FOX 29 believe that overnight rain may have contributed. 

"Just yesterday I was looking up there and measuring where that tree was going to fall," Walt Feldman said. 

Feldman told FOX 29's Kelly Rule that he was home when the limb snapped and heard a loud boom. 

The fallen branch caused piles of debris to land on a nearby garage and scattered twigs and bark across a driveway. 

"We're just lucky we weren't out here, we got off very easy," Feldman said. "I just hope this person that got hurt is okay, that's the biggest concern."