Woman refuses to wear mask in Phoenix nail salon, says she's fighting for her 'civil rights'

A woman's meltdown over a mask at a Phoenix nail salon on Sept. 5 was caught on video as face-covering mandates continue through most of Arizona during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite face-covering requirements, there are some people who choose not to wear masks while in public.

The video of the unidentified woman is making its rounds on social media, showing how she's visibly upset over another person reportedly asked her to put a mask on while in the salon.

The woman's rant caught on video contained profanity. It can be watched here -- viewer discretion is advised.

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Rhonda Snider recorded the video at Du Nails near 7th Street and Glendale Avenue Saturday afternoon. She says the woman didn't wear a mask during her pedicure.

"The customer that asked her to put the mask on explained that she had a compromised immune system and would appreciate if she would comply with the mask requirement and that's when the person got very agitated," Snider explained.

She says the woman then got into a heated argument with another customer, which can be seen in the video.

"I am fighting for the last shred of civil rights that we have, you're too stupid to figure it out," the woman is heard saying.

A staff member tries to calm her down, saying she'll have to call the police. The woman's response, "I will not lower my voice. I will not. Call them and maybe they'll arrest me for yelling."

There is clear signage inside and outside of the salon of mask requirements.

"It's not a personal cause. It's just something that you do out of respect for other human beings and to be kind," Snider said.

Clinical psychologist Susan Schwartz explains that the ongoing pandemic may be causing this behavior.

"We've never had to isolate like this. We haven't had to be afraid of each other. We haven't had to put a mask on to go to the store. We haven't had to do so many things to protect ourselves," Dr. Schwartz says.

She says anxiety regarding lifestyle changes due to COVID-19 could continue. "So like that woman, people who are that upset are probably going to get more upset."

In May, a man was caught on video in Costco saying he refuses to wear a mask and was kicked out. In another instance, a Los Angeles woman threatened a lawsuit against a grocery store for asking her to wear a mask.