Woman rescued after being caught in Delaware River

Only Fox 29 cameras were there as a woman was reunited with her husband after getting separated while tubing on the Delaware River near Tinicum Township in Bucks County, Sunday afternoon.

Point Pleasant Fire Chief Scott Fleischer says the woman was tubing with her husband and two daughters when the currents took over.

"Her condition was slightly disoriented, she was lost," said Fleischer. "There's strange currents up there so if you're not real close together, one part of the river goes in one direction, one part sort of takes you to the other side. So she got separated, and thought she could catch up and then wasn't able to."

Authorities launched a three and a half hour search effort that stunned others on the water.

Fire officials say they were getting nervous after handing several fatalities on the river so far this summer.

But Fleischer says the woman made it to the New Jersey side of the river, got to a house and called for help. Meaning a reunion was moments away.

"Could not have worked out any better," said Fleischer. "The fact that she walked back and went home on her own power, didn't even need to go in an ambulance or to the hospital, everybody was happy."