Woman share emotional story of drunk driving crash that killed her baby son and husband on Facebook

A young woman is sharing the story about the drunk driving crash that took the lives of her baby son and husband.

Destiny Mantia, from Foristell, Missouri, shared the emotional story on Facebook Sunday, and it has quickly gone viral.

A year ago today was like many other days. Corey Mantia woke up and went to work. Parker and I stayed at home and played...

Sunday marked one year since the tragic accident.

Destiny wrote in part, "One selfish decision to drink and drive caused me to be a widow and a mom to an angel at the age of 21. She has caused many nightmares with the news of various reports being released such as an autopsy of my baby being sent to me or many reconstruction pictures.

"Many things a 21 year old should never have to see or imagine. She ended any dreams that we may have had together and caused pain I never knew existed."