'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter stumps for women's rights ahead of Trump rally at Temple University

Abortion is certain to be a critical issue in the coming presidential campaign. With Donald Trump scheduled to appear in North Philadelphia Saturday, the Biden Campaign brings in Wonder Woman to talk abortion rights.

At the Planned Parenthood facility in Center City, a common scene plays out. Two men, opposed to abortion, speak to women as they enter the building. Their signs and displays are nearby. Often, the women move past. Tom Stevens leads the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia. He said, "This isn’t a political issue only. It’s a life issue. It’s a human rights issue. It’s a moral issue."

Stevens, opposed to abortion, says his group offers services to some 1,500 women yearly to help them birth and support their children. He said abortion is a big issue in the coming presidential election and he’s with Donald Trump.

Anti-abortion activists in front of Center City Planned Parenthood.

FOX 29’s Jeff Cole asked Stevens if he credits Trump with overturning Roe vs. Wade in this country. He replied, "I credit the following of the Constitution. The justices doing their jobs to throw out bad law."

Since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe Vs. Wade, under the Dobbs decision of nearly two years ago, abortion has become a white-hot issue as states have banned abortion or severely restricted it. Democrats believe the issue will drive supporters to the polls.

Friday, the Biden Campaign brought television actress Lynda Carter, known for her role as Wonder Woman, to Montgomery County to make the case. Carter said, "He said women who have abortions should be punished. He says states should have the right to prosecute women and even monitor their pregnancies."


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Carter’s visit comes on the eve of a campaign stop by Donald Trump on Temple University’s North Philly campus Saturday night. The Democrats want to lash abortion restrictions to Trump and his appointees to the high court.


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"Wonder Woman" Lynda Carter campaigns in support of women's rights in Montgomery County.

Carter told a cheering crowd, "The women in this room, the women in this country will never let you see the Oval Office again."