Yeadon police chief says Nextdoor app is making him remove account

A Delaware County police chief is trying to fight crime the 21st Century way, by using all the tools at his disposal. But, one popular app is saying ‘Not so fast!’

“Want to let them know that they matter, that I heard them, I saw,” said Yeadon Police Chief Anthony Paparo.

Chief Paparo has become well known over the past two and a half years for his hands-on style of community policing, in person and on several social media platforms.

He says Nextdoor is his favorite, especially during this era of police/community tension.

“This is a game changer for police because you reach so many people who are not on Facebook, Twitter or computer savvy, but they go on this,” Chief Paparo stated.

Chief Paparo, known by his nickname Chief Chachi from the popular 1970’s sitcom “Happy Days,” was not happy about a call he says he received from the managers of the Nextdoor app.

“Guy tells me that he’s got to cancel my account,” Chief “Chachi” said.

It appears the lawman broke the rules, he said. He was told his account was in the wrong section and that he should be in the Law Enforcement group, not on the Neighbors page. He was told he has until Friday to get out of town and move into the Police section.

“’Hey, I’m sorry, they’re kicking me off in a week.’ Then the comments started rolling in,” Chief Paparo added.

And, the comments haven’t stopped, including clever ways to beat the system. He says his new account would come with lots of restrictions, like not being able to see neighbors posting their concerns and respond to them.

“It allows me only to post and only to respond to those who respond to my posts and it limits me to only Yeadon addresses. Problem with that is there are some Yeadon residents who come up with Lansdowne addresses,” Chief Paparo explained.

The chief says he’ll fight ‘til the finish for ways to bring police and community closer.

“It shows the connection,” he added.


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