Before Army-Navy Game, Patriot Games Held

Drum roll please- America's game is here! Clutch those footballs- and catch the excitement of the 116th Army/Navy face off. . More than 50k fans have come from all over.

"I'm from Hillard, Florida, my son is a pleb at West Point.

"It's on our bucket list to attend an army navy game, this is our first, we're excited- Go Navy.

"My name is Donald Hahn i've been coming to Army/Navy almost 30 years, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

At the pep rally- it's a horn blaring- head over heels good time. The head butting has already begun- the Midshipman and Cadets face off in the patriot games- 5 tests of strength and cunning for bragging rights and a trophy tomorrow- so a lots at stake.

At the pull-up challenge... these men and women blow up their arms- impressive!.

"It's hard to belive these young people are doing what they do.

Army wins! Check out the mvp! she rocked it.

It's the 86th Army/Navy game on Philadelphia soil- everywhere you look you see fans young and old- combined- they'll shell out more than 35 million dollars over the big weekend.

"Philadelphia has been great, we're coming to the Philadelphia Army/Navy Game in Philadelphia.

"We orginally were in Philly back in 60's all the time, this is the homecoming for us, class of 68 beat Army.

Tonight there's a big gala and boxing match, tomorrow an obstacle relay and of course- the game one of the most storied rivalies in football history.

Go Army- Beat Navy

Go Navy- Beat Army.