Eagles hold first open practice of the season

Lincoln Financial Field - swarming with green - beaming with pride and passion - Eagles training camp is here.

Eagles fan Alicia Gonzalez said, "I am so excited I can't wait for the season to finally get here!"

Cheers and cheese as players step onto the field for 10am practice - some stopping to shake hands and sign autographs.

"For us it's more than just a game, he absolutely loves these guys more than anything," Dan Feltwell, another Eagles fan said.

With a new coach and new players like quarter back Carson Wentz - fans see promise.

"We're excited they're going to win, going to bring home a ring," Raina Williams, from Wilmington, said.

"Hopefully I get to see what Carson Wentz is all about."

Lijah Spencer who drove 6 hours to get here says he thinks Coach Pederson is already making strong decisions.

"He's going to allow them to tackle - Chip Kelly did not allow tackle during practices and during season we saw all missed tackles and that sort of stuff."

Also new this season - the return of Eagles great Brian Dawkins - he's working in recruitment. Other former Eagles were set up on the concourse - like Bill Bergey - teaching young fans about loyalty.

The first preseason game is set for August 11 - the season kicks off one month after that - September 11.