‘Key and Peele' Star Channels Penn State Coach

Through its popular series of "East-West Bowl" sketches, featuring such hilariously named fictional players as Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace, D'Jasper Probincrux III and Hingle McCringleberry, the recently concluded Comedy Central series Key and Peele has long been associated with the lighter side of college football.

Now, a star of that show has entertained a real college football team.

Keegan-Michael Key, the "Key" of Key and Peele, visited Penn State's football team Friday and emerged dressed as the team's head coach, James Franklin. And despite Key and Franklin's considerable resemblance, the team recognized the comedian immediately.

Afterward, Key greeted smiling Nittany Lions players.

The video of the routine was posted to GoPSU.com and Penn State football's Facebook page:

Key is actually an alum of Penn State, having earned a Master of Fine Arts in Theater. This week is serving as the Grand Marshal of the university's Homecoming.