Last NFL Draft road closures, parking restrictions now fully in effect

The full extent of road closures for the NFL Draft are now in effect, as of 6am Tuesday. Forget the morning weather, watch out where you're going and parking.

It really doesn't matter if you're going to the Art Museum, The Ben Franklin parkway on one side, and Kelly Drive on the other - or simply passing through town. This is the latest on road closures and parking restrictions that started 6am Tuesday.

These are the Phase 4 road closures: (Click 2017 NFL Draft logo for gallery.)

Some traffic lights in the area have been put on blinking mode, since there won't be any drivers around.

No Parking

-- on 2400 Pennsylvania Avenue (south side angle parking only) from 4/5 to 5/8

-- Pennsylvania Avenue between 22nd Street & Fairmount Avenue (south side of street only) 4/25-5/1

-- Winter Street between 20th & 22nd Streets (both sides of street) 4/26-5/1

-- 20th Street between Vine & Callowhill Streets (east side of street only) 4/26-5/1

-- 21st Street between Benjamin Franklin Parkway & Race Street (both sides of street) 4/26-5/1

-- 22nd Street between Winter & Spring Garden Streets (both sides of street) 4/26-5/1

-- Park Towne Place between 22nd & 24th Streets (both sides of street) 4/26-5/1

Art Museum

Going to the Art Museum parking garage and Anne d' Harnoncourt Drive? You'll have to pass through a checkpoint and a brief vehicle sweep from at 7am Thursday through about 9pm Saturday. Checkpoints will be setup at:
-- Kelly Drive between Fairmount Avenue and 25th Street
-- Anne d' Harnoncourt Drive and Spring Garden Street (south side of the Art Museum)
-- Waterworks Drive

Going there from Kelly Drive? You'll have to enter the checkpoint at Kelly Drive and Fairmount Avenue. Vehicles won't be allowed to enter at 25th Street. Vehicles needing access will be able to make a left turn onto Kelly Drive from Fairmount Avenue. Direction signs will be displayed, and Philadelphia Police will be on hand to facilitate traffic flow.