Ryan Lochte expected to be summoned to testify in Rio

A police official in Brazil confirmed to Fox News that Ryan Lochte will be summoned to give testimony in front of that country's Justice Department in Rio de Janeiro, over his claim he and other U.S. Olympic swimmers were robbed at gunpoint.

Lochte has since apologized for embellishing his version of events. He cannot testify in the U.S. and would have to appear in person in court in Brazil or be tried in absentia.

There is no penalty for Lochte not appearing in front of the Justice Department. However, if he doesn't appear, Detective Clemente Braune said he won't be able to engage in a plea deal.

Lochte returned to the U.S. last week.

The civil police in Brazil say they will finish their investigation this week and send their findings to state prosecutors.

Click here for details on Brazilian prosecutors sending the findings to the proper federal U.S. law enforcement agency, from Fox News.