Life is Rndm: May 2021

Once again, photojournalist Shane Mceachern shares the randomness that is the life of a news videographer.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Abandoned or underused spaces often go unnoticed in the Delaware Valley. The Pennhurst Asylum is one of those places, usually only drawing attention around Halloween with tales not based in fact. The truth behind those walls tells a much different story.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Pennhurst State School and Hospital

FOX 29 photojournalist Bill Rohrer and reporter Bill Anderson come together to bring us amazing stories of abandon or underused places we walk or drive by every day. Pennhurst State School, built in 1908, was the first stop on their 'Hidden in Plain Sight' tour.

Life is Rndm: April 2021

The random life of a news photojournalist will take them on a ride every day. Here’s a look at April 2021 through the camera-phone lens of photojournalist Shane McEachern.

The Death of the Black Barbershop

Barbershops are fixtures in their communities. They're places where men, young and old, can go to talk, cry, relate, and be encouraged. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some of these neighborhood staples closing their doors forever.