The Bounce Back

Darrell Alston spent almost 10 years incarcerated. But instead of letting that define him, he picked up a pencil, started sketching and became the founder of a luxury sneaker and clothing line.

PhilaMoca, we are still here

Through the pandemic and building code issues the PhilaMoca community has found a way to continue standing.

The Hairline You Deserve

For years men had to go bald or wear an unnatural hair piece. Jamal Davis of Maximum Level Barbershop says now you have options.

Mighty Engine Literacy Billboard Campaign

Andre Chaney is one of five artist selected to design billboards to promote reading in the city of Philadelphia. Mike Greenidge sat with him to discuss the campaign and the message behind the art.

Recycling, what goes in the can?

Most of us throw things in our recycling cans that should not be there. The team at Burlington County Recycling Center wants to help us get the right stuff in and keep the trash out.

Work To Ride

Horse Stables in west Philadelphia give children the chance to learn valuable life skills with its Work to Ride program. Now the stables are looking to expand the facility to reach even more at risk youth.

Courtyard Mentor Network

Mentorship is critical to the advancement of young minds. Courtyard Mentor Network introduces young men to career professionals and sets them up with a network of recourses.

Healing The Culture

How do we shack the stigma of mental health in marginalized communities? Therapist Alphonso Nathan hopes his docuseries "Healing The Culture" will be the first step.

The ABRO Experience

Community activist Ant Brown teams up with the Philadelphia School District to bring a raw yet entertaining, educational and motivational experience to city student.

Project Home

With an opioid crisis that seems to have no end. Jon Bon Jovi, PHA and Project Home come together to build affordable housing for some of Philadelphia's most vulnerable.

U.S.S. Olympia

Mike Jerrick learns about the incredible story of the USS Olympia, a warship tasked with returning the bodies of unknown soldiers to the United States. Edward Duff, a Philadelphia native, served as chaplain on the ship that narrowly made its journey across the Atlantic.

Philly Girls Jump

You don't see it in the streets like days of old. But if these double ductchers have their way, it'll be back.

Fishing For MS

Lenny Strobel has found a way to use what he loves to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

The Cheese Guy

Making Cheese is nothing new. Making it in a shipping container? Now that's different.

Trinity Travels

Young Trinity loves to travel and share her thoughts on the experience. This trip takes her to The Please Touch Museum.