Cold Case- William Toney

William Toney has been missing for five years. When it comes to locating him, police and his family have not given up hope.

Sound Therapy

She calls it "a cellular massage of sound" Sound artist Luna Maye introduces us to sound therapy and how it helps to find balance in a hectic world.

Speedy Street Art

Don't blink, you might miss the fabulous work of street artist Joshua Moonshine. With music in his ears and rhythm in his hands, he creates beautiful works of art, faster than you would believe.

Fringe Arts, it's a Festival

The work is not classical, it's not traditional, it's contemporary, it's experimental, it's artist trying new things. President and producing director Nick Stuccio explains Fringe Arts.

Kingdom Boxing

Autistic child helped so much by boxing, his mother bought the gym.

Philly, Best City for Public Art

Many cities have public art, but no city does it like Philadelphia. With over 4,000 murals, sculptures and graffiti, the city is a museum turned inside out.

Saving The Mahoning Drive-In Theater

The Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton, Pennsylvania- in operation since 1949 - is the last remaining 100% film drive-in theater that shows movies every weekend. It was recently saved from demolition with the help of community and fan support when the managing partners turned to social media to get the word out about a potential deal to turn the land into a solar panel farm.

The Gardens at Mill Fleurs

It's a tale of terrifying poison ivy and bamboo transformed into an oasis near the Delaware River, one couple builds a vision of light and color in an almost impossible setting.