Billy Porter: "Queerness Is My Superpower"

Multi-talented performer and fashion icon Billy Porter shares with Bill his belief that queerness is his superpower. He talks about working for decades in the industry that told him to suppress it, and that when he finally chose to lean into it, the talent that was always there exploded in the media and the public's eye.

Michael Rapaport on why he doesn't have a problem with addressing big issues and being disruptive

Michael Rapaport admits that he's always had a mouth and been disruptive. He tells Bill Anderson why he doesn't have a problem using these qualities to address important issues by taking big swings at topics that frustrate him. He adds that people often miss the humor that he's trying to get across, because they feel so strongly about what he talks about, and that he is sometimes troubled by how hostile some of the responses can be.

Wynonna Judd on Losing her Mother, Naomi Judd: 'She Was Not Her Disease'

In a recent episode of "The Pulse With Bill Anderson," country legend Wynonna Judd talked to Bill about the grief of losing her mother Naomi Judd, and being determined to help the stigma of her passing dissipate. Wynonna also explained that the reason she shares these struggles is to help other people not feel so alone.