Philadelphia weather: Storms push off the Jersey shore, setting up pleasant weekend

The Delaware Valley has seen a stretch of beautiful weather with sunny skies and low humidity, but that is all coming to an abrupt halt next week.

Friday will see highs around 90 as humidity returns to the area. Air quality alerts have been issued for those who are more sensitive to oppressive heat and high humidity.

As a cold front made its way into the region, it touched off evening thunderstorms and a severe thunderstorm watch, followed by several warnings were issued for portions of the Delaware Valley. As the sun began to set, the energy in the atmosphere began to calm down, reducing the severe threat of storms.

Friday’s cloud cover really helped tamp down the more severe aspects of the system.

Once Friday’s system has passed, the weekend should be beautiful for Dad, especially down the shore, where temps will be in the mid to upper 70s under sunny skies. If you’re staying home, temps will be in the mid-80s.

The first heatwave of the season likely begins Monday, as highs hover around 90 degrees. Temps take off from that point, remaining in the 90s for the week and almost no rain chances. It could be brutal.