Shore communities deal with coastal storm's flooding

Eyes are on the shore Saturday morning as high tides and strong winds have been causing flooding in the area.

And the concerns aren't over just yet. FOX 29's Dave Kinchen reported from the shore on "Good Day Philadelphia Weekend" with a look at the conditions.

People are trying to dry out after the remnants of Subtropical Storm Melissa in the Atlantic Ocean have been kicking up the surf, pushing water into low-lying coastal areas.

SkyFox over Strathmere in Cape May County on Friday showed some of the conditions.

That flooding has been making it rough for folks along the coast.


Sea Bright Fire Rescue conducted numerous rescues of people Friday who became stranded in floodwaters.

Ocean City and Ventnor opened schools two hours late to let floodwaters recede.

And Wildwood closed a bridge into the city during Friday morning's high tide.

People who live there say they are frustrated by flooding, and by people who make it worse driving through the streets creating large waves. It's bad enough the water and when it comes up he pushes the water into people's homes

They describe this type of flooding as a nuisance and downright scary but say it's what they have to deal with living in coastal communities.