Torrential downpours, flooding impact the area

Flash flood warnings remained in effect for Philadelphia and most of the surrounding counties into the early morning Friday while a flash flood emergency has been issued for Berks and Montogomery counties. 

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Torrential downpours with damaging winds will impact the region until midnight Thursday. Periods of heavy rain will leave 1-3 inches of rainfall behind in most of the area. According to FOX 29's Scott Williams, counties under a flash flood emergency should expect 4-6 inches of rainfall. 

Flooding in Berks County forced a campground to be evacuated after tents and trailers were swept away in the current. Pickering Creek in Chester County overflowed its banks, flooding 401 and 113.

"That's the other side of 422. It’s like a swimming pool," said Garrett Hart. He recorded cell phone video while driving eastbound. The video shows raging water pouring over the concrete barrier along 422 West in Birdsboro Berks County.

After midnight, the showers and storms should clear out and make way for a warm and sunny day Friday. Expect highs to approach 90 degrees Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.