Weather Authority: Sweltering heat, humidity to continue Sunday

Another day of sweltering heat and thick humidity is slated for Philadelphia and surrounding areas on Saturday. 

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Temperatures in Philadelphia will reach 99, but the high dew point will make it feel like it's well into the 100s starting around 10 a.m. The heat index will continue to rise throughout the day and will peak at a 'feels like' temp of 111 by 3 p.m. The excessive heat warning issued by the National Weather Service Friday remains in effect for the region.

Outside of Philly, regions to the north and south will experience heat index temps well into the 100s by mid-to-late afternoon. Towards the shore, ocean air may help slightly cool the air down, but the humidity will make it feel like 107.

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The excessive heat will spill over into Sunday with temps in Philadelphia reaching 96 by 9 a.m. The heat index will rise furiously and reach 115 in the city by mid-afternoon. Several areas surrounding Philadelphia will exceed a heat index of 110. 

In oppressive summertime conditions, it's important to take the proper precautions to ensure you stay cool. It's also necessay to make sure the children, the elderly and pets are properly taken care of. For code red information, click here.