Wind Advisory: Gusty winds, evening storms set to move in after days of record warmth

Monday starts warm with record temperatures that feel more like spring. 

This warmth comes ahead of a cold front that will bring heavy rain to the area Monday evening. 

A wind advisory will be in effect this afternoon with Southwest winds that could reach up to 50 mph. 

The gusty winds will move through the area from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning, according to FOX 29's Sue Serio. 

In the evening, heavy rain and thunderstorms will move in ahead of cooler temperatures Tuesday. 


MONDAY: Windy and p.m. storms. High: 76

TUESDAY: Windy and chillier. High: 50, Low: 38

WEDNESDAY: Cold rain. High: 44, Low: 36

THURSDAY: Clouds and a shower. High: 50, Low: 36

FRIDAY: Clouds and a shower. High: 56, Low: 37

SATURDAY: Rainy and milder. High: 60, Low: 49

SUNDAY: Windy and cold. High: 43, Low: 27

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