Car Seat Chronicles: Mom summarizes toddler's tantrum

People all over the world now know my little guy, Noah! Here's my take on the segment that has since gone viral.

I'm a producer & fashion contributor on Good Day Philadelphia. On Tuesday in our meeting we were talking about Pennsylvania's new car seat law. We wanted to do a demo with a toddler, that's where Noah comes in!

That morning, my cousin called me as she headed into the city with Noah and said, "Not sure how great this will be he's already had a tantrum." Quietly, I start to freak out, that what ended up happening, was going to happen!

Fast forward to the segment, when I try to pick him up and here comes the tantrum, he's going limp in my arms.

Next thing I know, Mike Jerrick and the camera guy are standing there in my face and we are live on TV. Being a producer, I knew once the expert started speaking I would put the baby in the seat for the demonstration.

That's when all hell broke loose! Once he pulled the rubber off the car the second time, I just started laughing because it was all I could do to keep from crying in embarrassment. As many viewers have already pointed out, that kid is quite strong and almost bigger than me!

So eventually, I gave up, which you saw when he finally freed himself. Cracking up, I told Mike "I'm losing it!" Finally, Noah made it to his favorite place in the car, the driver's seat, and told Mike "BYE"; his favorite word!

Thank you all, for sharing your stories with your toddlers, please keep them coming! Also thank you to all the Mama Bears out there for your support when a small few attacked my parenting skills and called my son "bad." This experience has been truly awesome for our family.

My husband even said this video just gave the world a tiny glimpse into our life with our amazing boy, and really a glimpse into many mother's lives who are raising toddlers! These kids know what they want and when they want it, they are curious, funny, sweet and cute as can be! They live life on their terms. And yes, majority of them hate the car seat and the highchair (if they are like Noah).

I'm so happy that this video brightened up some of your days, made you laugh hysterically, and showed many of you new moms, that WE all go through it! You just have to roll with the punches and laugh through it!

*We reached out to Noah for a comment….his reply was "No…Bye"