Is your modem spying on you?

Could your cable modem be monitoring you, or your kids? Might their free apps be doing the same thing? It may sound a little far-fetched, but it's happening.

Tech expert Anthony Mongeluzo, joined "Good Day Philadelphia" with more details Thursday morning.

Researchers have found an issue with the software on cable modems, he explained. The glitch allows your internet service provider, or ISP, to monitor you.

So far, over 78 types of modems are affected by the glitch, which is a flaw in the protocol.

There is no way to fix the issue, at this time. But consumers need to be aware, Mongeluzo says.

Additionally, about 5 percent of the apps on the Google Play store reportedly collect personal information but do not disclose this.

Mongeluzo said some apps let people know what school your child attends and which doctor your child sees. The apps use microphones to deliver targeted advertising.

Ultimately, these apps dive deeper than they promise, he said.