Watch man's no-hands catch of marshmallow tossed from bridge

A Delaware County man is impressing people with his unique talent. Mike Regan can catch food thrown at him from great distances - with his mouth.

There's even video of Regan catching a marshmallow in his mouth after it was thrown from the top of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

He says he discovered his talent in the school lunchroom at Monsignor Bonner High School when his friend, Rob, started hurling candy at his face.

And Regan never missed a catch. In the video above, you'll see the catch from two angles.

He says it's his most epic mouth catch, yet. It's 135 feet between him and the person tossing it. And it took just six tries to get it right.

We've also got some other videos of incredible catches, which Regan posts to his Instagram account.

When they were filming the catch at the Ben Franklin Bridge, they tell us the cops were called for reports of people throwing rocks from the bridge.

Regan and his crew explained what was going on to the responding officer, who then had to see it for himself. Regan says the officer "loved it."

Get this: Regan will be live on "Good Day Philadelphia" on Friday to show off his talents! Be sure to watch.