What is a 'Jucy Lucy' cheeseburger?

With Philadelphians starting to make their way to Minneapolis to watch the Eagles take on the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, we decided to take a look at some of the city's cuisine!

Good Day Philadelphia's Jenn Frederick decided to check out the 'Jucy Lucy,' a cheeseburger known for one very unique feature.

The cheese on this burger, is on the inside. Yes, you read that correctly.

To put it in more delicious terms, "This is a beef burger, stuffed with cheese, a molten core of cheese."

So Jenn headed to Matt's bar, where the Jucy Lucy is said to have been created in 1954, during a conversation between the bar's owner and a patron.

The patron made quite a suggestion, to put the cheese between two patties. So the burger was made, and the patron took a bite, and said "Wow, that's one hot Jucy Lucy."

And, so a tasty legend was born.

Check out more, including Jenn's taste test in the video above.