$10 adoptions: ACCT Philly asks for urgent help as shelter hits max capacity

"We are full" ACCT Philly said in a heartbreaking post over the weekend.

More than 250 dogs and cats are in desperate need of a forever home as the local shelter says it is facing the "harsh reality" of maximum capacity.

"If we don’t move some of our animals out, we will have to make more difficult decisions. That means dogs who don’t have behavioral or medical issues are euthanized simply because we have nowhere to put them and care for them."

In an effort to help clear the shelter, ACCT Philly is offering $10 fees for all adoptions until June 14.

If you're ready to adopt, fill out an application online. Can't adopt? Fostering is always an option!

"Even if you can only foster short-term, it makes a world of difference."