100-year-old NJ native and WWII veteran runs in Penn Relays

On Friday, Lester Wright celebrated his 100th birthday. Saturday, Wright ran the 100-Meter Dash at the Penn Relays.

A typical start to race and, just like that, 100-year-old Lester Wright was off to the races, bringing the 1,000s in attendance to their feet.

"Tired?" asked FOX 29’s Marcus Espinoza.

"No," replied the World War II veteran.

"Could you do it again?" Espinoza inquired.

"Yes," Wright exclaimed.


Wright had plenty of energy left over after running his 100m dash at the Penn Relays. An incredible moment that almost didn’t happen.

"I hadn’t ran in three years because I was ill and this is the first race since my recovery," Wright explained.

He says anyone can do this; it’s all about belief.

"I think it’s in the head, more than it is physical," Wright stated.

Above all, he credits his wife, who he’s been married to for 80 years, as the reason why he’s lived such a great life.

"We did everything together. We worked together, we had a business together, we traveled together, we shopped together. That’s it!" Wright said.